How To Print A Test Page From Your Android Phone Or Tablet

Printing a test page can uncover flaws in the printing quality of the device, such as ink leaks, misalignment of text, or other issues. Therefore, it is suggested that you occasionally perform a print test on your printer, especially if it is about to be used after a long time, so that you do not ruin the actual documents that need to be printed.

If you are using an Android device, you can connect to a supported printer and print anything you like, even a test page. Since the mobile device doesn’t connect to the network using a wired connection, a Wi-Fi connection is necessary.

Most modern Android devices have built-in services and applications to manage printing, but you can also use third-party applications to print items. That said, to perform a print test, you must use a third-party app like Mopria or PrintHand.

Printing a test page from such Android applications is pretty simple. You can also print from the Google Chrome browser on any Android device:

  1. Open Chrome and go to Download the PDF test file you want to print, or simply click the Print button for the direct printing process.

  2. Open the file you want to print in any supported app, and click on the ellipses (3 dots) menu button.

  3. Look for either the Print button or the Share button.

  4. After tapping the Share button, look for the Print button.

  5. Now select the printer you want to use, number of copies, page orientation, color, paper size and print type.

  6. Click Print test page.

Of course, before performing these steps, ensure you are connected to the printer. To check if the printer is connected to your device or to add a printer, follow the following settings path:

Settings > Connected devices > Connection preferences > Printing

We have provided an example of Google Chrome, but you can use the same steps to print a file.

Previously, Google had made it very simple to print from any device using Google Cloud Print service, whether it was a desktop, laptop, Android phone or tablet device. However, it has been discontinued. Now you will need to download and install the printer driver on your Android device yourself.

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